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Casper #1

APY : 10.8%

Casper #2

APY : 10.8%

Casper #3

APY : 10.8%


APY : 7.3%


APY : 8.3%

About us

StakersValley consists of a group of tech-savvy cryptocurrency aficionados. 

We operate nodes on leading PoS blockchains, enabling investors to confidently stake their digital holdings with a guarantee of quality and safety.

What we offer


We meticulously select only the finest providers, ensuring top-notch material, bare metal, and other resources, to deliver unmatched service quality and reliability.


We boast a team of expert engineers specialized in blockchain node validation, ensuring proficiency and unparalleled expertise in every endeavor.

No downtime

We maintain a 24/7 vigilance, constantly monitoring our nodes to ensure optimum performance and unwavering reliability at all times.

Energy Efficient Blockchains

Closely aligned with a sustainable future, we exclusively operate on energy-efficient blockchains, ensuring our commitment to environmental responsibility while providing state-of-the-art services.


We choose the best providers to give the best experience !

No downtime

We are constently monitoring ours nodes to be sure that everything is running fine


Key Figures

+ 25
delegators on ours nodes
+ 2.1 m
dollars staked
+ 0 m
dollars rewards generated
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